My Carbon Impact Journey

Written by:  MyCarbonImpact Team

Like many organisations in this current climate, we considered how we could make an impact, while educating people about their own impact on the planet.

With most of the project team predominantly in the digital learning field, My Carbon Impact started with the creation of e-learning modules to help people learn how to become more sustainable in their everyday lives. It was complimented with an app that tracks our travel to calculate the amount of carbon emissions and the equivalent trees.

We felt this insight could create a tangible representation of the cost of our usage. We believe monitoring and understanding our carbon impact will incentivise people to explore how they can neutralise their consumption, and to even give back.  

None of us are esteemed climate experts, so we understand the difficulties of trying to understand the complexities of climate change. With so much of the information out there entangled in scientific language and equations, we get it can be hard to see the middle ground between the lifestyle changes that are being preached to us across social media platforms and the intellectual discourse on the news and online.

Even more daunting than the unfamiliar words and scary calculations, is the simple fact that the problems we face are so vast and timebound that we can’t fix it alone. That’s why our approach is to keep things as down to earth as possible because everyone should be able to understand the problems we face and how we can contribute to the solution.

We are on this journey together and we hope this can become a space where you feel you can grow your knowledge. As we keep up to date with the latest developments, we hope to inspire you to make small changes that make you and the planet feel good.

We plan to update this blog with interesting topics and practical advice that lend themselves to the online learning and app, where you can start to put good habits into practice and see how you can have a positive impact.

We all have an impact, and it is up to us to decide what that impact will be. We don’t claim to know everything, but we do aim to help you make small changes that stacked together make a big difference.

Our small project team consists of technical experts creating the app and website, ensuring accessibility is always considered; graphic designers helping to shape the look and feel of the site and app to engage users; and content leads who aim to keep the site buzzing with relevant and engaging information.

We hope you join us on the My Carbon Impact journey…

"We all have an impact, and we get to decide what that will be"